Karma Fallout (2013)


"Karma Fallout" is an ethereal mix of trip hop tunes over four years in the making. Heavily influenced by the electric aura of Chicago, Xolin dedicates this seventh album to everyone who has helped shape his truly fortunate life.


Scream Louder (2008)


After 3 years, Xolin is back with "Scream Louder". From the soundtrack-like "Amuq Puma" to the angry "Scream Louder", every one of this album's 11 tracks will leave you breathless as you listen to a whole new side of Xolin.

In the Wake of Fever (2005)


Ambient electronic music that flows seamlessly from start to finish, soothing the mind in the process.

Hypochronic Stillness (2005)


Listen to Xolin's ambient piano and rock-solid beats as he pulls his soul together to form his fourth album as a tribute to his graduation from Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School.

Con-formist (2004)


Dare to tread into slightly darker territory as Xolin opens the door to the electronic beats found in us all.

Monton's Way (2003)


Xolin combines electronics, vocals, and cello to create a collage of both exciting and relaxing tracks to listen to whenever life's got you down, so let the mysterious Monton show you the way. Afterall, it's Monton's Way.

Chiano Lake (2002)


Open your eyes to the world of electronic keyboard and cello as Xolin takes you on an unforgettable journey to Chiano Lake.

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